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Covering bonus

Covering bonus
Provide your clients with services – sell educational courses, trading signals, expert advisors, and other products.

We compensate the client 100% of the spent amount in the form of a bonus credited to the InstaForex account.
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How does it work?

Step 1
Your client opens a trading account
Step 2
The client pays for your products (trading signals, training, expert advisors)
Step 3
Using the bonus program, the client can return the paid sum to their account
Following these three simple steps, the client gets the product at the lowest price while you receive your reward and the reputation of a trustworthy and promising seller.

Getting a covering bonus is easy

Top up your account with an amount equal to or more than the cost of the paid products
Fill in the bonus application form

Here is how it works

A client purchases a training course for $100
Makes a deposit of $100 which is equal to the cost of the product
Receives compensation equal to the cost of the product. In this case, it is $100

Even more bonuses

In addition, the client can also apply for a 30% Welcome Bonus of the deposit amount above the cost of paid services.
For example, if the cost of your trading signals is $100, the client opens an account with the company, depositing $300 and receiving a bonus of $100. In addition, the client is entitled to a 30% Welcome Bonus.
Thus, the deposit amount on the client's account after crediting all bonuses will be 300 + 100 + 30% x 200 = $460.
If you want to learn more about the bonus program, email us at
Take advantage of the best opportunities for your financial growth!

Our partnership means comprehensive support, reliability, and development
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